Monday, October 31, 2011


Gladwell explains some of the problems with plagiarism. One of them being even though at times it may seem like plagiarism, there are phrases, or music wise, beats, that are really common and are easily mistakable as being plagiarized. For example, there may be a catchy tune in one song that is similar in another song. Would that be considered plagiarism? No, because in music its just not possible to come up with extremely new tunes without having to incorporate some melody that will be similar to at least one other song.

I believe that plagiarism is a big problem because the term 'plagiarism' has been expanded to be very broad and includes many types of plagiarism such as word for word. Yeah it makes sense why it would be considered plagiarism if someone did that and it was really obvious none of what they wrote is theirs. But have people considered that words can be used over again in same order and people might not realize that someone else has said it already? Words don't belong to just one person; it's not like someone can say, "Roses are Red" and claim that they said it first and anyone else that says it is plagiarizing. That's stupid. If someone says, "This research was done to study the effects of blah blah" and the research that someone is talking about about says that they did the research to study blah blah, would that be considered plagiarism? In my opinion, no. It's a common phrase or combination of words that people use. However, if the writer included an idea that was thought up by someone else, then that is considered plagiarism in my opinion. As I mentioned before, there are some picky rules as to what is considered plagiarism and it has been distorted such that everything can be considered plagiarism.

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