Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blog Assignment 1!

In chapter three of The Psychopath Test by Ronson, the main point is the story of Elliot Barker and his facility. Elliot was a Canadian psychiatrist who visited many countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, East Germany, Turkey, etc and tried out different methods of psychological therapy. He began his work after being hired at Oak Ridge. His therapy sessions consisted of selecting a group of psychopaths and locking them up in a room called the Total Encounter Capsule after being given LSD. His sessions seemed to be working out perfectly well; the offenders were becoming socially correct and engaging in non threatening means. However, after being released for a short time, they soon reverted back to their old ways.

I think that the tests that were done by Elliot were very, interesting, I guess I would say. Interesting because not many people, if there are any, would ever think of pumping up a bunch of psychopaths with LSD and hope that whatever they are doing will turn out all right. Too me it just seems like they are throwing everything up to chance. Someone must have realized that giving them so much LSD would make the users addicted to it, and once they were off of the drug they would go into withdrawal and revert back to their own selves. I guess they found out the hard way that their experiments didn't work when some of the released psychopaths went out and committed more crimes.

Thursday, September 15, 2011