Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If my life could have a bombass soundtrack, to represent it, it would be comprised of these awesome songs:

"Gold and Purple"-Isaiah Obie and Ylli Berisha
First and formost, I got to represent my high school, Madison East! Four years at that school and I loved it, all the good times and the bad. This song was created by East High students last year as a remix to "Black and Yellow".

"Grenade"-Bruno Mars
Pretty much sums it up ;]

USMC Cadences
There's too much for me to list, but I listened to these songs last year what I had decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corp. I was pretty much set to go, all I had to do was sign my papers, get my physical, and pick my MOS and boot camp ship out date. But parents got in the way, and now I'm
OORAH Semper Fi.

"Learning Love"-Donnellshawn
There's so many things that I need to learn, how to love being one of them haha. I have so much to improve on; I learned this the hard way. But I think I'm learning ;]

"Made in Tibet"-Shapaley
This song is by a Tibetan who lives in Europe. I am Tibetan and this song, in my opinion, express the importance of remembering my who I am as well as respecting my parents for all they have done. By the way, he along with other artists will be performing at Segrados on Dec 3rd which is this Friday! Come on out and check them out!

"The One"-Michealangelo
This song is special to me because this is a song that I dedicated to my ex-girlfriend and I sang this to her many times. Good times...

"All of the Lights Remix"-Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and Drake
Whenever I need to pump up and get focused when I work out or do sports this is what I listen to constantly. It really helps me get my game face on and once I do I don't play around. I play to win.

"My life Be Like"-Gritz
This one song pretty much sums everything up! I have a pretty good soundtrack to my life.

This soundtrack of mine is pretty diverse in its messages and meanings. It shows that I am unique and I'm sure no-one will have the same soundtrack as me because I'm one of a kind ;]

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